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Let us manage your IT system while you focus on running your core business!

Tailored to your business needs, you may choose to entrust to us your entire IT environment, or have us host your applications. With a dedicated tech-team to keeping your systems running smoothly, we provide an integrated Managed Services framework to optimize your IT operations.

As vitamins are to your body, we use appropriate patches to fix bugs, keep software up-to-date and mostly importantly protect your network and systems against cyberattacks.

As your business grows with upgraded systems, you may need to find more suitable data centers. Managing risk and technical aspects for you, we ensure your data transition is smooth, compatible, secured and fast.

If you need expertise on a Technological decision, we are here for you. Not just to make it simple to understand, but also guide you through the best necessary steps to achieve your goals.

With business data as your company’s core, losing all that data would be devastating. We help you safeguard your business information carefully so you can ensure business continuity swiftly and smoothly.

That includes everything under the IT infrastructure – hardware, servers, network, software etc. By performing consistent monitoring of your IT environment, we are able to proactively address minor problems and prevent them from becoming major ones.

We are able to instantly analyse and fix various IT issues - from hardware freeze to application errors – remotely on your system through a secured network so you can resume operations quickly. We could also provide on-site servicing and maintenance to prevent hiccups in your business processes.

Managed Service is an outsourced IT solution customized to your business’s needs with a proactive approach, making it cost-effective. We have a team of dedicated specialist to take care of all your digital technological services across networking, IT infrastructure, cloud solutions, IT consulting.


  • Consultants are expensive and only sought out after a problem has been found​

  • Costly and time consuming to source and hire staff with expertise in all areas of IT support​

  • Outsource on your own compatible infrastructure and database to support your IT processes​

  • Constantly monitor, maintain, troubleshoot and update systems on your own ​

  • Keep up with cyber security news and install necessary protocols to follow the latest standards​


  • Uses a proactive approach to identify problems before it occurs, or minimize potential damages

  • Reduces your operational cost so you are able to put your capital to better use​

  • Constantly monitors and maintain the health of your systems, keeping it running smoothly​

  • Always at the top of the latest technology to optimize your systems with the best tools

  • Helps reduce cyber-risks and recover from cyberattacks, ensuring business continuity and safeguarding your data information​

  • Centralizes data with your systems, so information can flow seamlessly and increase overall operational efficiency​

About N-OPS

A subsidiary to OPSOLUTIONS, we handle the delivery of IT solutions using industry best practices and latest technology to assure standards for your IT systems.

N-OPS name is inspired from No-Operations (NoOps), a concept of IT automation allowing an IT environment to thrive by itself without needing attention of a dedicated team. This ultimately helps your business to save cost and deploy resources for the essential core aspects. It is a philosophy that will encourage agility, fluidness and simplicity into your IT environment, pushing your business further foward on your journey of digital transformation.

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